Work Of An Asbestos Contractor

Asbestos Contractor

Those people, who work as an asbestos contractor in different countries need to undergo special training and certification to handle such substances that are deemed dangerous to the environment as well as for human health. In a country like the US, you need to be certified when you work as an asbestos contractor. Such a professional needs to have the right certification as well as insurance to work in this field.

Asbestos Contractor

In most cases, building contractors who take on special assignments dealing with hazardous building materials like asbestos need to have the right certification and insurance as well as apply for taking on such assignments. The application is a requirement as it provides them with an insurance coverage, which is part of a workers’ compensation policy. Depending on the state where one is working, there might be additional requirements for working as an asbestos contractor.

With the hazards known of working with asbestos, many contractors take on courses or are asked to attend such workshops where they are taught on how asbestos needs to be handled. For instance, in the state of Michigan in the US all workers are asked to take on a course certified by the Environmental Protection Agency that provides training in asbestos removal. In other states, applicants are asked to fill out forms that indicate that they are aware of the safety provisions they need to follow for removing asbestos in a safe manner.

There are contractors who employ other workers and for firms that take on construction projects and assignments. For such companies, there are similar provisions to comply with before they take on asbestos removal and similar projects concerning such hazardous building material or substance.

The safety requirements are as per the nature of the projects and the amount of asbestos that need to be dealt with. For instance, if there is asbestos material present in pipes that are about ten feet depth or less, special measures are not required or the assistance of certified asbestos removal contractors. Certified professionals are required to come on board when asbestos ceilings need to be removed or there are asbestos tiles on roofs that need removal. In US states it is illegal to take on such work by any contractor who is not a certified contractor for asbestos removal.

Those who are certified as an asbestos removal contractor need to pay a certain fee when they apply for their certification or license. These have a valid time span and need to renew, usually on an annual basis. Professionals who are specialists in asbestos abatement need to take on courses and pass them in order to be eligible for the certification or licensing of such work.

In the case of Europe, the licensing requirements vary. In the UK there is no special license to be obtained, but adequate training is required for building contractors to be taken who might have to work with this building material.

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