There are specific laws and regulations that exist in the handling of hazardous construction materials like asbestos. Many countries still have unregulated usage of asbestos where workers are not given protection or safety measures in handling such construction material that proves hazardous for health. Asbestos has been in vogue in construction projects across the globe till the hazardous effects of such material were discovered. Today, the effects are known and the material has restricted or limited use in construction sites.

This blog aims to bring information regarding the hazards of working with asbestos and the regulations that exist in the handling of such materials. Indeed, many contractors who work with asbestos need to undergo appropriate training and certification before they are licensed to work with asbestos. Many old construction sites have an asbestos based construction that needs to be changed and removed. The removal of asbestos also requires specific methods and conformance to certain safety measures. These pertain both to dispose of such waste materials as well as to ensure that workers who work on such sites do not suffer contamination hazards.  The safety of the environment, as well as health of workers, are some important issues related to working or when it comes to handling and disposal of asbestos.

The articles here attempt to explain such issues and bring to light latest regulations and safety regulations that are enforced in different countries. Resources and updates on safety laws regarding asbestos usage and removal are showcased here to help and guide our readers.